Savouries and Sandwiches

We make a wide range of savoury products which include the following:-

​Pasties – steak, traditional, steak & stilton, and a variety of sizes

Cocktail Pasties – traditional, cheese and onion, pork and apple

Vegetarian Pasties – cheese & onion, and mixed vegetable

Sausage Rolls – in different sizes from cocktail to king-size

Pies – steak & kidney, chicken & ham, chicken & mushroom

Chicken tikka slice


Bacon & Cheese Savouries

Patties – beef, chicken, chicken/ham/leek, curried vegetable

Quiche- various sizes available from small individual buffet style to large catering sizes. The  flavours available include. cheese & onion, cheese & tomato, cheese & bacon, cheese & broccoli, and Mediterranean.

Sandwiches, baps, large rolls and wraps- These are made fresh daily on our premises Available in a variety of white, wholemeal or granary bread with various fillings available including cheese, egg, chicken, ham, beef, prawns & tuna.